Saturday, March 3, 2012

March 2: Single and Thankful

I will always thank God for March 2.

When I opened my first blog, Venus Speaks, I wrote mostly about romantic love, a theme I have not given much attention in this blog. The blog ran for 3 years, until I had to take it down for some very childish reasons (which I now obviously regret.haha!). Every single year, in that blog, I’d put up a post titled “I Will Always Thank God for March 2”.


In early 2007, my heart got broken. I thought I wouldn’t survive (we all think we wouldn’t, right?). But, one wonderful afternoon in March, 2nd to be exact, while shedding a pool of tears, God came down and touched me. I was healed, and never cried again for the same reason. Oh, the reason my heart was broken was, the man I was in love with chose someone over me. Well, technically, I chose for him because I was the one who walked out of the relationship. Ok, ok! I will put it simply (*swallows pride*) : He fell in love with someone else…while still in a relationship with me.

This plot is not unique to me. This happens to many people too. Some survive and come out of the heartbreak better, some sadly watch their own lives waste away. Some curse love, others discover another meaning to it. Some come out scared, others, braver. I am the latter. And a little later, bravery met its match.

I fell in love again. And, well, got my heart broken. Again. This time, (*swallows shame*) out of confusion.

I also do not own this plot. Many hearts get broken out of confusion. Some choose to remain confused ‘in the name of love’,  others, just snap out of it fast. I am the latter. Ok, that’s a lie. I cried a lot few times. Truth is, no matter how much you ‘pad’ yourself, you can never be ready for a heartbreak. But, I eventually got over it. The saying is true: Time wounds all that is healed…and well, heals all that it wounds. Haha, I made that up. I have a better reason. 

 I decided to write the part where I got heart broken again, though not in details, to prove a point. In this world, we don’t have immunity to pain. And the measure of your faith is tested everytime it hits you. But more that that, the measure of God’s love is manifested everytime it happens.

Some people have sworn off love because of the countless heartbreaks. But I testify that every after each heartbreak, my idea of love becomes more real and my view of God becomes bigger.

In February, I spoke to a few youth groups about Love. And when these young people asked me questions about their romantic relationships, I was all the more convinced that all my experiences in romance have a purpose. I had an opportunity to shape their thinking about love and pain. It was also a chance to comfort them and tell them how real God is. At the end of each talk, I waved a hand to heaven and asked, “So this is what these were all about?”
At Pinasahi Evangelical Church

Circuit John Youth Rally
1 Corinthians 1;3-4 say, “Praise be to God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the father of compassion and God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.

When someone comes to me with a broken heart, I can always say, “It’s gonna be ok.” And I can say it with utmost certainty for indeed, after countless heartbreaks of varying degree, I AM OK! 

Today, March 2, I am single and still thankful. 

And yes, I am ready to love. Again.

Or, am I already? ;) 


  1. Nice Blog.. nka realate ko...
    Everything happens for a reason...

  2. i was reading..i almost forgot that you're a friend and knows "the story"...(thought i was reading in the pages of a self help love book :) )you should publish your writings have a gift. And yes..i think you're ready to fall in love again :)

  3. Tintin! Thanks for dropping by and reading. Thanks you for your generous support. Hehehe... and yes, the first time my heart got broken, you listened! Ha!!!! :D Thanks... I will write about your love story soon :D

    And yes, i'm quite ready!

  4. hahaha this is such a hilarious, inspiring read and i totally agree with this line:
    "Some people have sworn off love because of the countless heartbreaks. But I testify that every after each heartbreak, my idea of love becomes more real and my view of God becomes bigger"

    That right there is the gospel truth! God bless you for sharing

    1. Thanks dosh. I am glad this touched you :)

  5. When the Lord sees that you have a need - He will provide the answer. If we all went on that line we'd miss the broken hearts. But He lets our hearts be broken to teach us that there is only one Man who loves perfectly.

    1. Amen sir. Only He has the love that outbests others.

  6. It's good to see that you are doing fine.

    1. By God's grace alone. Thanks. Good to see u fine too :)

  7. It seems like I was reading my story.. :)

    Lemme say Amen to that!