Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Faith for the Unexplained

This is a page from Elizabeth Elliot's book "Keep a Quiet Heart" which I am re-reading.

There was a time in my life when I stared at the blue sky and asked God to literally write the answers on the clouds. I had questions. Questions that starved for explanations. I pleaded, I wailed, I fasted. But God seemed deaf. I waited. I gave Him an ultimatum. He seemed unmoved. 

I let out deep sighs most times. I have been telling God, I need answers but that if He chose to not give me any, I would painfully trust Him and believe Him, still. At one point, I gave up. I surrendered and promised God I will never raise the issue again, nor will I ask for answers. This was the time when I wrote To Feel Right. 

There were bouts of sadness, still, but no more questions. I thought, some things are better left untold. 

The other week, without any hint of expectation, God gave all the answers to all my questions back then. It was wonderful to hear an explanation that was carefully, and chronologically presented as if it was crafted through time. The better thing is, there was no pain attached to any of those issues anymore. It was like hearing a narrative in history class. All accounts are painted with equal importance, yet, there is no longer any  paint attached to it - only a deep appreciation for the present. 

The Lord makes all things beautiful, in His time. I am looking forward to even more beautiful things as He keeps adding to my Faith Experiences. Oh, what a glorious moment it is when you taste the rewards of faith. 

Proverbs 25: 2 "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter..."