Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gravediggers We Have Become

we gave names to our dead
no, not names
codes, numbers
to represent our blunders

we planted daisies by the plot
to cover the dreadful
remembrance of the dead
an embarrassment to the living

we engraved lines on stones
dirges, odes and poems
and passers-by notice
only the craftsmanship

by day we ride our horses to town
telling stories of those we buried
and the crowds shed tears
only of laughter

(we have successfully spun
tragedy into comedy)

But by nightfall…

we found pleasure in digging up graves
pits we dug ourselves
to bury what was meant for the soil
and the worms to feast upon

Gravediggers we have become
With a pen for a spade and a sad song
Bringing above ground
The rotting silent corpses

(And each night
They grew smaller
and less pungent)

But by each daybreak
when our bodies are tired of the digging
we surrender to sleep
the dirt, our easy beds

(and when the sun is high
we ride to town again
and by nightfall
we dig some more)


if only we saw the crosses
we sculpted on each grave
we wouldn’t have grown old
sleeping on dirt, and with calloused hands

Photo not mine. taken from here

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Turning Thirty

I turned THIRTY over the week-end! I testify of God's marvelous work. 3 decades and counting!!! I wrote a piece about it titled Turning Thirty: Brewed, Brushed, Bolder...and Older which you can read here.

@ 10. It isnt clear but i had Hilarious Hair! Seriously!
@20. With college friends on a trip.

Waking up to 30! The real me...sans trouble!

UPDATES: Burkina Faso is getting near! My papers are starting to move. I praise God for how He orchestrates everything. More news when the DATES are stamped! :D Whew!! Exciting!