Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Get Up, it's Christmas!

We wake up on Christmas day all giddy about the gifts we opened at midnight. We get excited about the ham scraps and the coffee that wait at the breakfast table. But we linger a little longer in bed telling ourselves that this is the only holiday when it is excused to be lazy.  

Somehow, Christmas Day has been an excuse for almost everything.

Over eat. Give presents. Be extra kind. Be less sarcastic. Say only nice things. Sing a song. Read your Bible. Talk to relatives abroad. Send a Christmas greeting to someone you are too mesmerized to talk to. Clean the closet. Kiss. Say you love someone. Not be angry. Tolerate your neighbor’s lousy singing. Eat pork. Eat everything. Write a blogpost and not be shout at by your mother for sitting in front of your computer all day. Greet everyone on Facebook or Twitter or across the street.

I don’t know where we get the idea but it seems innate for everyone to be good at Christmas. And there also seems to be a sense of entitlement at Christmas – “I have the right to do this or get that because it is Christmas.” Maybe I am growing old. Or maybe we have glazed Christmas too much that it looks different than it should be.

Family gatherings, yes, but Forgiveness must be evident. We eat together at the table and vomit at each other’s presence the week after. Jesus was born to bring us back into the family of God. And if God has not forgiven us through Jesus, where would we get the idea for family reunions?

Festivity, yes, but joy is necessary. Our houses are adorned with  all things colourful. Our electricity bill goes sky high because of these over the top lights we decorate our homes with. But when the lights are put out and the decorations are put away in boxes, it is what the home is made of that is revealed. After the party laughter fades and you are left with party cups and confetti to throw away, it is the joy of having shared love with people that will give you strength to do the cleaning. And this joy must be from Him who has exchanged streets of gold for a bed of hay.

Gifts yes, but giving is better. Since the start of this week, my FB timeline has been flooded by selfies showcasing the gifts my friends received from people who love them. It is wonderful to feel loved. But in my opinion, we must endeavor to be on the giving end especially to those who can not give back. After all, we have Christmas because God wants to give us a life that is abundant.

Growing up, Christmas used have so much fuss.  As the years went on, it became quieter. What is difficult about getting older is no amount of fancy can cover up fact. And at Christmas, I can not run away from the nagging question that confronts me: When everything is stripped away, what remains?

I woke up today with ham scraps and a cup of coffee waiting for me at the table. I could have lingered a little longer on the bed. But, it is Christmas day! And I would not make it an excuse to be lazy.

Outside my room is a broken world waiting for hope. And if writing this would punch a small hole in that darkness so that light would break through, then I’m getting up.

The ham scraps and coffee can wait.

May your celebration be evident of the true meaning of Christmas! Blessings! 

Christmas Greetings to all my blogger friends!