Thursday, September 27, 2012

August Rushed, September Ends

Stumbling upon Jayesslee’s cover of “TheChristmas Song”, I immediately counted with my fingers the months left before Christmas. Its almost here! Where did the months go?

Seeing the same photo on my blog reminded me I needed to do a post. Seeing the title of my last post, I laughed! Seeing the date it was posted, I am embarrassed.

August rushed and now, September is ending.

I am thankful for how God excitingly carries me through each month. The job here at CBBC is not something I can take lightly. But amazingly, it doesn’t feel heavy either. I enjoy spending time with the young men and women who are preparing themselves to be future pastors. From painting nails, to swimming, to slingshot-ing dogs, to endless, pointless conversations, to meaningful short talks, to kitchen and laundry conversations – every opportunity with them is always of value.  

That, my friends, is the reason why I didn’t notice the two months breezing by.

God is faithful! I don’t deserve his faithfulness, yet He remains constant. 

One hot August afternoon during a trip
we took to dedicate a rice field to God.