Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Untitled: A Love Letter to a Friend

(These hands are REALLY mine.. hehehe)

In the privacy of this note
I pour into you my heart
So no one would see
And suspect this is just another art

I hold the candle
That will light both our ways
whichever the paths lead
let’s tread

to the unseen tomorrow
to future fights
to our sweet moments
to the merging of our likes
to loving each other’s “loves”
to breaking each other’s hearts
to charting each other’s place
to someday touching each other’s face
to singing same songs
to writing pointless poems
to celebrating lives
to weeping days
to surviving disappointments
to finding true love
to passing on to generations
            the story of us
to a friendship made beautiful
            by color, by age, by language, by space

I hold the candle you have placed in my hand
As we wander this forever changing land
Our Master-Igniter, promising fire all throughout
We will stay lighted without a doubt

I will be your life-long friend
I promise to trust you until we reach our end
If not on this earth, then in heaven we will meet
be blinded by His glory, while we sit at His feet.

-March 2, 2009

*Note: This was a private poem I wrote to my friend. I decided to Put it up because I recently went through 'friendship tests' with those people around me i call friends. This is also a proof that friendships aren't perfect, that we make vows we can't keep, but we still love anyway.

 I faltered as a friend in so may ways. But, because we are both in the same 'Kingdom', we will always find each other at the the King's feet.