Thursday, November 3, 2011

What Happened in October

I prayed hard that God would give me the time to write this post. Thank God this is happening. 

My October was stuffed. Stuffed in a good kind of way.  Way back, I had imagined that October would be my busiest month. I just didn't know to what degree. Today is the 3rd of November. I had known.

I had anticipated that I would be directing two productions so somehow, I have mentally planned my schedule and mapped out a plan on how two juggle these two. However, there was an interruption. Or, was it really what I think it is?

My grandfather got sick early in October. No, not just sick. HOSPITALIZED. And since I was the only person with a freer schedule, the lot fell on me. I stayed with him for more than a week in the hospital. My grandfather is 84, active, mentally fit and stubborn . In other words, a difficult patient. He had Pneumonia so he had to be hospitalized.  I will stop right here and just say that during the time that I was with him, I recited over and over again "For the trying of your faith worketh out patience but let patience have its perfect work in you tha tyou may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing." Patience was a priceless commodity. God faithfully supplied in great measures.

Asian Center for Mission in Western Visayas celebrated its 16th Anniversary last October 21-23. I was privileged to direct the musical production that showcased the talents of Kairos Graduates from different churches and missionaries who are now at home. It was a story of the expansion of world missions. God's presence filled up the place. People were moved. Glory was God's. It was so spectacular that right after the show, a dedicated Christian who is of prominence in the city, invited us to do the show again at a bigger venue and promised to bring a bigger crowd. The next show would be on December 4th.
That's me carrying the Ugandan flag. Me with  Garicel, a missionary to China
then there's us who joined the missions manifesto signing

TOP: The Missions Cupcakes.
Bottom: Scenes from the Musical Production

My previous boss, Haw Tiu, invited me to assist the school in the celebration of its 35th Founding Anniversary. The closing program was a talent show that was meant to be a Tribute to the Creator. Not only did she ask me to direct the show, but also to be its host. As I am writing this, it still blows my mind how we were able to pull that show off. God was generous of His favors. We couldnt have had a blast if it were not for His promise " I would never leave you..." 

I wish I had taken some pictures. I was too busy to have not had the time. I am now scouring the Facebook walls of those people present in these events to see if there are any I could grab and share.

(By the way, let me just set it straight. I did not take Theatre classes in college. I just learned the craft through experience and training. Another reason why I keep saying " Nothing on my own...nothing on my own". There has to be a Higher force who enables me.)

In between practices and panics, I traveled back and forth to attend the invitations to speak. I was graciously asked by Ikthus Bacolod, an inspiringly growing church, to help equip their ushers. I spoke about Effective Communication for Ushers. Also, I was invited to speak to public school teachers in my hometown about the use of public speaking and its importance to teachers. I am glad I have these opportunities to grow as I help others grow.

My most favorite part, if not the best, was when I was invited to speak at a morning devotion during the 1st CPBC Missions Congress on the 26th. It was an unspeakable feeling to be a part of that historic event. I challenged them through the word of God to respond to God's call. What was awesome was it was attended by pastors, ministers and theologians and God used me, an ordinary, non-seminarian, curly haired young woman with red nails to deliver God's message to them. I was literally hearing myself speak. I was speaking words I didnt plan and they saw beyond my youth. God got the glory.

A wedding took place on the 29th. You guessed it, I was the emcee.

October closed with Family Matters. My Aunt and Uncle arrived from the states to attend the awaited family wedding which will be in 9 days. Nothing beats the joy of having a loving family. Looking forward to more of that in the days to come.

I came to know God in a deeper lever this month. Tonight, at church, I spoke about how God described Moses in Numbers 12 "With him I speak face to face, clearly and not in riddles; he sees the form of the LORD. " I long for God to say the same about me.

Here I am waiting for November to set in. It is my favorite month of the year. All the more now that my best cousin-friend is getting married on the 11th. Expecting a blast!!!

I am grateful for the prayers that sustained me. Thank you for granting me a spot in your list. I am thankful also for my offline friends who take the time to tell me they read this blog. I am blessed beyond measure!