Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sisters Act

My sister Jemima had just passed the Licensure exam for teachers. The Lord has granted her favor. When I called my mother to congratulate her for my sister's success, we laughed about how that puts pressure on me being the older sister. 

Jemima's Graduation from her Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education
Jemima's academic journey has amused us (to the extent of being hilarious). She went to the University of the Philippines for her Bachelor's degree in Psychology. After surviving it, (yes, you read it right. they say one doesnt graduate from UP, he/she survives) she swore never to go to school again. Today, she has two degrees in her resume. And can sleep better. (It was torture for her to wait for months to know the results.)

We have a younger sister, Jezrel, who is a nurse. Lately, we were entertained by the old photos of her that our Aunt posted on Facebook. She used to be pudgy and had satiated her childhood days with fun. Once, i cried when I heard Taylor Swift's 'Never Grow Up' because I missed the times when she was still a kid. I think older sisters will always wish the younger ones would remain as they are. 
When Jezrel was 4 ...and 23 :) 

You asked me how high airplanes fly
If I could bottle the clouds
And bring it home to dry

You walked around in a Big t-shirt
With a stick for a staff
Followed by kids like ducks

You played football
With the wall
Danced to Backstreet Boys
In the hall

You chose trucks
Over Barbies
Over dresses
And Bananas in Pajamas
On any given day

At eleven
You fell in love with Jars of Clay.

(I bend my knees
For them to have similar days)