Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Grateful Enough To Trust

My Grateful Spirit Sings

In all thy works I see thy glory 
In mighty wonders; in small and simple things 
My heart rejoices in the bounty set before me 
And my grateful spirit sings 

Each rising sun tells of thy goodness 
The rain proclaims thee in the life it brings 
All creation bears thee sure and silent witness 
And my grateful spirit sings 

The stars that crown the realms of space 
Reflect the image of thy grace 
The rolling seas, the earth and sky 
Declare thy pow'r, thy majesty and might 

I see thy hand in man's compassion 
Thou art the font of kindness whence it springs 
Thy boundless charity hath wrought my soul's salvation 
And my grateful spirit sings 

For changeless love and endless mercy 
For countless blessings beyond the wealth of kings 
For every perfect gift thou sendest, Lord, I praise thee 
And my grateful spirit sings


I don’t think my vocabulary is enough to put into words how thankful I am of God’s love for me. The least I can do is live out a life that honors that love.

Since I joined the Bible College as a staff more than 2 years ago, I have had many experiences that always leave me in awe. There was a time when our finances were on the red and we have been praying for a person to remember the amount she pledged to give to the college just so our resources would be augmented. It took more than 2 months of praying. One day this woman came to the office and was alittle apologetic because according to her, she has long prepared the check but forgot to deliver it. True enough, the check was dated more than a month ago.

That experience taught me one more thing about God. He desires that we trust him with everything. Sometimes, he has already answered our requests he just delays the delivery for us to trust him enough with it.

Each day that I am here in the College, I realize how blessed I am. I live in the campus, I do what I am best at, I am positioned to bless others ( be a parent to the students), and most of all, I learn to trust him with every detail of my life.

Gratefulness is my bedrock of Trust. The more grateful I become, the easier it is to trust God. 

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