Saturday, September 10, 2011

SG: Singapore Grace

A few months ago, I got a call from a friend telling me about the "Intentional Discipleship Making Conference 2011" in Singapore. She asked if I wanted to go. Before I could even answer, she volunteered to sponsor the whole trip.

Singapore is not on top of my 'Places-I-Want-To-Go-To' List. I could not afford even just a one-way ticket to Singapore. But, God wanted me to go so there I was, last September 1-4, strutting cruising the railways of this first world country. 

Considering that I come from a third world country, not to mention that I live in a third class city, I grew wide-eyed at almost everything. Not that I have never seen tall buildings. I have. I just had this sense of wonder at things. 

The Conference was amazing. It was a blessing to hear Rev. Edmund Chan. The anointing was evident. God's glory overflowed. It was a great time of introspection and re-aligning of our inner lives. It was awesome to witness God rain down His truth to us, rebuking and restoring us at the same time. 

As I mentioned, I couldnt afford this trip, I never had plans of visiting, but I so wanted to eat Indian Cuisine,  my best cousin-friend, Sherl, happens to work there, and God wanted to SHOW me SOMETHING. Thus, I call this trip, Singapore Grace.

Taking the Scenic Route

A Date with My Gravity ( Sherl )

Gastronomic Delights: African Read Tea, Spicy Sting Ray, Eggs Benedict,
La Mian with  Minced Chicken and the $1 Ice Cream. 
Pratta and Mutton. I ate it for THREE straight days! hahaha!

Covenant Evangelical Free Church and my Conference companions,
Emily, Gervilyn, Isis and Fred

Traversing the Streets..and the MTR

Icing on the cake:  Lion King Experience. Awesome, Awesome show!!!!


  1. Oh, you bring back memories. NOSTALGIA! You know I lived in Singapore for 3years before moving to NZ? Thanks for sharing these pictures. Now digging out mine.. lol

    - LDP

  2. I knew, prof! In fact, i planned on buzzing you to give me tips on the 'what to see' in Singapore. I dont remember why I didnt. Well, we didnt have much time to go around either. But, we sure had a great time. Singapore is homey! :D