Friday, August 12, 2011

When We Wait

Thank you for waiting. Finally, a post! *big smile*

Waiting is a theme that is hard to write about. Scratch that. It is easy to write about but hard to live through. It’s an active – passive activity that requires a lot of patience. In fact, to make waiting legitimate, PATIENCE is the only requirement. If your fuse burns, you stop. Then, waiting is terminated.

If you wait, however, you get the reward for waiting. What’s the reward? The exact thing you’ve stood in the line waiting for!!!

The coffee needs a few minutes to brew. Instant coffee never, never tastes like the freshest brew.
The caterpillar needs to cocoon before it becomes a butterfly. Butterflies look better than cocoons.
A mother waits for 9 months to birth a baby. Nothing is more beautiful than a new born baby.

Recently, I had an experience of waiting for two and a half hours outside of YakiMix, a restaurant, to be seated. Why, it served the best Japanese Eat-All-You-Can in the country!!! There were of course some restaurants nearby, but my companions and I waited. I tell you, I had the most unforgettable sushi experience that night! Imagine if we walked away after seeing that we were 32nd on the list of reservations?

A photo I took of them last week :)
Last week, I had a great time with my cousin, Sherl and her fiancĂ©. They were beautiful to watch.  Sherl is a happy woman. A few years back, she started cross stitching a design on a cloth, which to us meant that she was happily resolved to being single. (You know, that "sewing-on-a-rocking-chair-with-a cat-by-her-foot" scenario!) And then HE came! She told me, she has no reservations about splurging for her honeymoon because she waited…THEY waited. In November, everyone in the family is coming home to witness their union. Imagine if she whined when she was single, or ran off with the first guy who was ready to prey on her singleness?

I only have one hobby I am having a hard time controlling – rummaging through second-hand book stores! I failed again yesterday. Well, almost! I’d like to believe buying THAT book was the right thing to do. You see, ten years ago, there was one book I visited very often at the bookstore and never had the chance nor the money to get it. It costed more than a student could afford. At least, the student that I was. It was DC Talk’s Jesus Freaks. I was also then, very much of a DC Talk fan, thus, the desire for the book.  Yesterday, it laid on the corner of the bookstore, about 90% cheaper than its original price!!! Second thinking was not my option. I bought it, with a very wide grin at the cashier! Same words, same power, same stories…just at the right time! Imagine, if I insisted on getting it at that particular time ten years ago?
Jesus Freaks!!! Ayomide Akinkugbe will hate me for posting this! haha!

Waiting outside Yakimix with an angry stomach and the lure of the Indian Resto beside was not enjoyable. For Sherl, cross stitching and waiting on God to send her man was slow paced. The "rocking chair" kept her moving but got her nowhere. Well, waiting for the book was not that of a big deal…I never even thought I’d come across it again!

But, if we walked away from YakiMix, if Sherl pitied herself, if I got the book despite my finances, then this post would not be here. ( God knew I’d be writing this…I see Him laughing in amusement now! )

When we wait for the things we can hardly wait for, we build the appreciation for their worth and the capacity to have them for a very long time.

Yeah, I ate Maki for what felt like 2 hours!
The YakiMix Smiles. That's Mark, Eirene and I :)

I suggest Francesca Battistelli's "Hundred More Years". Kinda like what I am saying. Enjoying at at the moment :)

p.s. Thanks for the encouragement Sir LDP!!! 


  1. *sigh* I have been learning so much about waiting and patience, I pray for grace to apply them.
    Oh sushiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
    Now u make me want some Jabez!

  2. "Those who wait on the Lord..."
    He never fails us when we wait on him... We have to keep trusting.
    So, u love Sushi? I don't realy know what people like about Sushi though... LOL

    - LDP

  3. @Giagerry - Yeah, only God's grace can sustain us while waiting. Sushi...Go girl!!! Makes me hungry just thinking about it too!!

    @LDP - AMen, He never fails to satisfy those who wait on Him. Sushi...oh i dont know...but i just love them!!!

  4. Oh Jabs! ! ! I couldn't WAIT to read this.
    I always love what your writing does to my soul. You write like a belle singing a beautiful song on her banjo across the country. There's always this 'spark' I can't just seem to figure about your writing.
    I would recomend to you Shauna Niequist (Author of Cold Tangerines). You find in her writing a path you would love to tread.
    I'm savouring some lines right now. One is funny, the other is DEEP!
    "It costed more than a student could afford. At least, the student that I was."
    "When we wait for the things we can hardly wait for, we build the appreciation for their worth and the capacity to have them for a very long time."
    And I Love the family pictures
    ANd of course I wouldn't forget: WHERE IS MY BOOK! ! ! *evil grin* He he he he eh :D

  5. @ The King's Son - Thanks for the generous comment about my writing ;) Nothing on my own o! He gives me the words, I just write them down. Im glad some lines touched you. hehe!

    You want your book? Let's meet halfway through the world! haha!


  6. We wait for God's timing, and learn Him while we're waiting.