Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Around Town

Last week, we took the kids on a ‘quick’ trip around the city. We brought them to the city hall, the city park, the mini zoo in my father’s school, the children’s playground and Jollibee!

Here are some of the photos :)

Enjoying Spaghetti and a burger at Jollibee. Something special for them.

Hugging Jollibee ;)

We love Animals :)

This is a proof of growth. I used to 'not like' animals. Now, I'm talking about them to kids :D

Daniel's lions? hehehe!

BARNEY... the one in brown? !!

Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil

at the city hall with Gladys

Just in time for the city Festival.

Guaranteed safe TRIKE ride ;) 
That's why I wear a smile :D

Praise God for the wonderful time!!!!


  1. Pictures worth a thousand words..Nothin is more gratifyin or fulfilling as workin with kids to bring them smiles..Keep up the good work Jabez!

  2. Thanks Harry and Trybes!! Kids don't fail in bringing out smiles.. :D

  3. Great kids - and that's a great smile! But a Christian has so much to smile about!